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Seconding the Vit C recommendation!  You will be okay. Antibiotics knock it out quick.  Hugs though- we had the plague last week.  Luckily your little one will likely get some immunity out of this round.
Yay!  So happy for you!!
Up all night with contractions.  Gone by 8am.  I can't keep up with that kind of schedule....  need sleep but too confused to actually go to bed.  
I thought it was going to happen last night but it all stopped.  I'm trying to keep my head but am so excited to meet this baby!  
Holy goodness!!  What a story!  Congrats!
So sweet!
Love, love this story.  We do the best we can and accept the rest.  What a beautiful gift you have!
Super hugs!!  I second oatmeal, water and add in pear juice!  Deep breathing helps too.  You can do it.  Call in all the help you can!
Clarasmama- can you find an acupuncturist near by?  Might help!
Aw- my 3 y.o. is Emerson too!  Happy babymoon!!
New Posts  All Forums: