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Lovely!  Congrats!
What a wild ride!!  I am so glad you made it out happy and healthy!
And the midwife estimated 7-8lbs today.  I am now officially scared.  My son was 6.2 and I almost didn't get him out...
Still here and only half way through 37 weeks.  Feeling like it is coming, hoping anyway.  I can't move once in bed without pain.  But I have to get up and pee every three minutes.  Not compatible...
I loved my cheapo medela one last time and this round I got the more expensive upsie belly.  I am not sure if it was that or just how it was but I didn't have to wait all that long for my tummy to pull back up and I noticed no after pains.  
Yay! What a wonderful story!  
What a cute little guy!!
I used a back pack a lot, especially when going anywhere I was going to be walking a bunch.  It even can help you feel more balanced.  I got one I really liked from ll bean with enough pockets for my things to be easy to find.
amazingly, I had the fever for only a couple hours yesterday and now I just have a little scratchy throat.  Thanks ladies!!!
What a cutie pie!!
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