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aw- squishy face!!  So sweet!
Thank you!!  It was the C that was throwing me.  I wanted it to be UB. :)  Glad it only took me 30 weeks to get over looking stupid to ask that :)
Thanks ladies!  My son napped for a couple hours this afternoon after crawling into bed himself.  Unheard of, I tell you.  Now he just wants to sit and read books.  I am vit c'ing it up and pushing all the tinctures on everyone else!  Ms Rabbit- I am so sorry!  We are fighting like mad not to let it get there!!
oh- we have the flu too.  sending prayers your way.  I so hope not to get it...
I am hitting 37 weeks tomorrow and the midwife says I look like I'm about ready.  The only problem is both my husband and my son are now sick.  I'd like this baby to arrive into a house without the flu and I would love to skip over the chance of getting it myself.  Any prayers or good vibes that you ladies have left are welcome!!
yay for you PatchChild!
Can I ask a dumb question?  What exactly does UC stand for?  I get the idea of unassisted but I just can't seem to work it out.  Can you help me broodymama?  Or anyone? :)
wow- thank you for sharing!!!  What a wonderful story.
Welcome Juniper!
New Posts  All Forums: