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Seems like they are trying to keep you guessing!  Try and rest up, put it out of your mind and take some long walks if you can. :)
It can't be much longer!!
So lovely!!
Wow!  yay for you all!
Yay!  For the record my acupuncturist sent a woman into labor last week who was about 10 hours away from losing her home birth because she was overdue.  Baby was out 6 hours later!
Not help- only hugs!  Many, many hugs for you!
My husband and I have a little trigger phrase (which evolved naturally, but you could always make one up) that lets us know the other one is being unreasonable.  It is best if it is something silly, over the top.  You'd have to talk it out before using it.  It sounds like you might be able to say something like, "I know I've asked you 600 gazillion times, but..." and then go into it.  That way he knows you are tired of asking but you know you couldn't have asked that...
ha- I am only having the weird sex pregnancy dreams.  Multiple partners, other partners and silly situations.  hey- I'll take what I can get :)
New Posts  All Forums: