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Thanks ladies.  Sounds like you are confirming everything I'd thought.  I will have them on hand and if we feel the need, use them.  I'm so happy to be doing this at home this round and away from the hospital and all the "standard" procedures.  We should be able to avoid all the extras and just go for birth, pure and simple. :)
omg- I am such a mess!
Hi ladies! I am planning a home birth and plan to get the vit k drops just in case it seems like the baby needs them.  I have seen animals saved from internal bleeding with it and it is amazing.  What do you think the reasons not to use it are?  I chose not to have a shot of it given to my son in the hospital because it seemed un-nessessary but I feel like this baby has a higher risk of trauma (horribly mostly from my son.) Thoughts?
I am so curious to see how it goes for everyone!  I am due the last day of January and so I am only at 32.5 weeks now so I am likely to hear all of your stories before mine comes.  My son was 10 days early so I have no idea what I'll do it I go over 41 weeks, but she is measuring smallish so I don't want to rush things either. We toured the hospital I'd use if a transfer happened tonight and I am so happy to be staying home with this baby.  
I have something that I LOVE made by a friend.  http://www.facebook.com/LuckyGreenBaby You can find her on facebook here.  The cover can be used with any ergo like carrier AND you can use it over the stroller and carseat.  It is simple and super smart.  She calls it a baby wearing blanket.   Extra bonus?  She can make it in pretty much any color/print combo you like!  Let me know if you need another way that facebook to get in touch with her! They run about $45.
Yes my Ob kept saying, " As long as you aren't calorie restricting." about 17 times each visit.  In case I would admit it after repeatedly bringing it up....  Haha.  I eat all the time.  I just have a lot of other things to do to.  Like move a household and raise a three year old.  I can only imagine with 5 other littles!!
I don't know if I am struggling.  I have gained a little over ten lbs.  The OB was raising his eyebrows at me  about it.  My new midwife doesn't care as long as the other measurements are good.  This is only my second.  I gained a full 35 last time.  He was 6 lbs 2 oz.  About ten days early. I think as long as you are eating well and the other measurements are good....  I wouldn't mind putting on a few more lbs as I was starving while breastfeeding and went well under...
The car seems to be a trigger for me too.  Weird.
Just trace the ones you have and size them up if you think you want and add the layers you think.  At least three inside.  Do a regular stitch around the edges right sides out and then go back and overstitch with wither a zigzag or dedicated overstitch if you have it.  Super easy.   I have mama cloth from last time.  I found that the the postpartum ones I bought were overkill except when I miscarried and I don't think anything could have handled that.  I figured as...
Oh my goodness!!  I completely agree.  We won't have insurance for when this baby comes out and I was losing my sh*t about the whole mess for a while.  Luckily, I finally realized that means I can go see anyone I want.  If I have to pay every cent, I'm going to be very happy with the service. Doctors don't know anything about the GI tract when it messes up.  I am glad you found a solution that worked for you.  I went through years of something like that when I had...
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