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I'm getting more BH this time.  If I have more than a couple in a row I really tank up on water and that usually helps them go away.  It is kind of funny, because they feel downright good.  I don't remember having any with my son.... Don't forget to hydrate ladies!!
Aw- Pogo!  I know just how both of you feel.  I love my folks and his- well...  I guess they are growing on me after ten years :)
Did it work???  Did you settle?
aw- hugs!!  That is too hard- getting jerked around at every turn.  Good luck tomorrow!!! I'll be pulling for you!
I am switching to a hb mw, because of moving.  I met one I think is really great a couple days ago.  Calm and gentle. I'm excited for the change!
Rant away!  I hope that you get a few moments to yourself for a cup of tea and to put your feet up.  I  am sending you giant hugs and I promise you, you can do it!!  And you'll be so happy at the end to wrap this little ones in your arms.  
Home birth is looking like the cheapest route for us.  I can't qualify for any kind of insurance for the in between time.  I really don't know what I'm going to do.
I'm thinking of turning down the glucose test.  I've read a lot but I am wondering what you ladies think about it.
aw- hugs and love!  And big, deep, calm breaths.
I listened to the hypnobirthing cd last night and fell asleep in record time.  excellent.  :)
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