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I'll be closer to all the family and will likely have some of them popping through on the way to and from the main events.  It'll just be different this year.  I can't really plan what to do yet because I am barely holding it together with the here and now part.  I'm excited to start exploring a home birth though. 
We are so excited that we are moving to Asheville, NC in November.  My husband accepted a job this morning.  We've dreamed and planned for about a year and it is finally happening.  But before it can be all coming up roses I have found out that moving and taking a new job will mean I cannot get insurance through cobra (because my husband's current company is too small to carry real cobra.)  This is not the information they told us a few days ago before accepting the...
Thanksgiving is my favorite because it is my birthday.  I am sad to say this year will be the first one I've missed with my family in many years.  But we'll have just moved and I'll be 7 months pregnant.  So maybe we'll make new traditions this year.
We are coming to live in Asheville as well.  We'll be there in November and I am going to need to find a midwife or ob.  So i'd love any recommendations for that.  I don't mean to high jack your thread!  We would love neigborhood recommendations as well!
oh, oh, I want to know too!
I used free doulas from a local nursing program last time and plan to use a training doula this time or ask for money towards that as my birthday present.  Any help is better than none!  And if that Dr flinches, all you have to do is not set up an appointment.  You don't have to say, "You sound crazy and I hate you." :)  I remember being in a dr's appointment for my son with a Ped I was trying out and being completely horrified by everything she was saying.  But when...
Oh my gosh!  It sounds like uprooting is the theme around here.  We're moving soon too.  I'm hoping before I'm too pregnant to walk. ( i joke, kind of.) I had a midwife who delivered at a hospital for my son.  I didn't love the hospital experience but because I was with those ladies I had a much better time than expected.  I actually just went through the roller coaster of finding out I might not have insurance and so would basically have to do a home birth and was...
Thank goodness!  I think I am a buddhist simply because I HAVE to believe that everything changes!
I can only tell you my experience and I hope it will give you heart to say no if that is what you want. My son was born after I had been at the hospital about 20 hours.  Right after he was born they told me his blood sugar was too low.  My response was something along the lines of- well, of course, I haven't eaten in an entire day!  They insisted on giving him formula by syringe.  I didn't argue- I was tired.  When they came back a few hours later to tell me they were...
Oh my gosh! I totally feel you!  At least we aren't buying, we are renting on the other end of this move.  I'm hoping that it will be settled where to and when by next week.  We just did 1500 miles in 6 days for interviews.  Holey goodness, that is a lot with a three year old!!
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