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I shared this on my page & FB wall. I homeschool my two boys aged 8 & 10. I do this beacuse I want them to have a quiet, spirit, creative, home & nature centered experience of growing up. They also participate in music and a serious choir, so homeschool gives us flexibility to also have other activities at times, free time, and educational time. We do not watch TV and I am careful with what media they are exposed to. They are heavily involved in the life of their...
Hi, I am new to Oahu and searching for other families that may be homeschooling their children, especially in the Waldorf and natural living path. I am eager to make connections and new friends here for my children and myself.
I want to join! I want to join! But there is no Yahoo group at this link. Has she moved away? This is the group I am looking for! I'm new to Oahu and searching for this sort of homeschooling group.
I have two sons. One is body-kinesthetic and the other is interpersonal ... though there's lots of shared ground! I hope we win!!!
Hi,   My family of two boys (7&10), a baby girl, and my husband and myself are moving to Oahu. We are looking for a good area to live in. I'd love to live near or in an artsy, green-minded community. Also, any recomendations for competent, compassionate doctors would be appreciated. We seek a doctor who honors natural health methods and is flexible on vaccinations.   Thank you so much! Katherine
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