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I too find it difficult that people dismiss my experience as both myself and my daughter made it through the emergency c-section. My experience was real and I can't ignore that it happened. When I describe what happened and the treatment we received immediately after the operation I feel that I am dismissed as ungrateful for having a healthy daughter. I have posted a thread called I feel cheated and its about the negative experience and have too filed a complaint. I don't...
Thankyou talking about it helps. I have filed a complaint so we are waiting for the next step. I am not normally one to complain but feel I need to in order to heal.
Congratulations! It's refreshing to hear a positive outcome.
Hi I new to this site and I am finding comfort in the experiences you have all shared. I had an emergency c-section just over 12 weeks ago and I feel cheated, hurt and angry about my experience. I had a challenging pregnancy with high blood pressure and twice daily insulin injections for gestational diabeties. I had significant bleeding up to 16 weeks. At 12 weeks I was told I was facing a medical termination as I had a 1:9 chance of Trisomy 13. A CVS cleared us after two...
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