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Here are my solutions for right now. I refuse to buy any more maternity stuff--especially since twins can come early and I just can't bear the thought of spending $$ on something to wear for 5-6 weeks! Coat-haha. I wear hubby's. Now he is 6'4" so all his coats are plenty long; they're too long in the sleeves but I don't care. I refuse to buy a maternity coat. Again, maybe if I knew I would wear it for a solid 3-4 months, but for 1-2 more, no...
Good for you, Josie! I had not commented previously but had read through your struggles...I am so glad that you are standing up for yourself and your baby and what you need. Sending strength & support your way.  
Not on bed rest, but I did get my doctor to request a half-time work schedule for me so I can rest in the afternoons.   typebug--I would recommend checking out Dr. Barbara Luke's "When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads"...even though you are not expecting multiples, I think you would like the chapter on exercises you can do while on bed rest! They are more flexibility-type things but there are some leg lifts and so forth so your muscles don't totally go to...
Appetite has dropped, mostly at dinnertime I just don't feel as hungry.   But, like kellybeth, I also get hungry during the day but don't know what I want. I am bored of all my daytime snacks, especially my proteins of cottage cheese, greek yogurt, peanut butter....I feel like I have eaten the same snacks/mini-meals for months now and I just can't think of anything new! Though mac n' cheese sounds good, anytime of day.
In Dr. Luke's book, I think she says that of twins that are di/di, 25% are identical and 75% are fraternal...I've been telling people then that I have a 25% chance of having identical twins. Not sure if that's correctly calculated, but I find most people (including current twin parents) are totally confused and so convinced that 2 placentas=fraternal twins, this math suffices.   For my own curiosity, though, I would love to know in advance! I feel that mine are going...
So now that I've figured out what BH feel like, I realize I'm having them all the time. Not more than 1-2 per hour, but at really predictable times...when I get up out of my chair, when I get up to go to the bathroom at night, late afternoon/early evening when I am just completely exhausted. They are just annoying! Not painful but geez. My DH was asking what they felt like and I likened it to when you exercise a little too vigorously and your hamstrings will feel tight...
Congrats! I'm happy to see someone else having two boys on this board! We had one boy name all picked out but it took us forever to choose a 2nd.
Welcome! I said the same thing about finding out the sexes--with one baby we were going to have it be a surprise, but twins were all the surprise I could handle in a year!
Ah, socks, I think I have some of those, but I haven't worn them since February or so! I have been so dang warm while pregnant and all my shoes are snug already that I have forgotten all about socks.
Congrats! I echo Brambleberry's thoughts...it is so nice to hear about full-term, healthy weight twins! Mostly I hear, "They're going to come early" and it's encouraging to hear otherwise.
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