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If I had any energy at all, I'd get/make something like this: http://www.customizedgirl.com/design/6741bb92f94e80ece28eb73a37ca1802_1993383?utm_medium=shoppingengine&utm_source=googlebase&cvsfa=2542&cvsfe=2&cvsfhu=31393933333833&gclid=CKLE4JStqbMCFWlxQgod1SgAWA   But I think I'll just stay home with my black cat in the window, watching the trick-or-treaters! And having pumpkin pasta.  
From those of you who have BTDT or are further along than me (23 weeks), what was your exercise routine like when pregnant with twins?   Up until 9 weeks, I was playing tennis a couple of times a week, plus walking, swimming, weights. I stopped playing tennis on doctor's recommendation at that point and also it was getting uncomfortable.   Since about 16 weeks I have not really been able to walk, as it makes me dizzy and feel like I'm going to throw up and my...
This is a good breakdown of mono/di and all the terms! FYI, it was during my NT scan which was at 13 weeks, I think, that they were able to fully determine chorionicity. The sacs have been clearly visible on each u/s so far; I go every three weeks for a quick check-in that is a low-res u/s to listen for heartbeats.  
Congrats, Caitlin! Wow, those are awesome birth weights! It's so encouraging to see someone going to full-term with twins, and not underweight...I feel like there are a disproportionate amount of "scary" stories out there.
Thanks for all the help, everyone! I wound up getting 2 maternity/nursing bras that I LOVE--wound up getting Pea in the Pod brand @ Destination Maternity, they were pricey but feel like I'm resting my boobs on the softest, most heavenly pillows ever so it was worth it. I realize now I may have to buy more later on so will just wait and see what happens.  
It does look like there could be two if they are mono/mono...my 9-week u/s showed very clearly two sacs with a rather thick line between them, and one baby in each. I would ask for another u/s to be sure!  
I'd like to echo the advice on When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, Quads, as well as the LLL Mothering Multiples...both have been valuable to me so far. The Dr. Luke "When You're Expecting" definitely gave me the reality check that twin pregnancy is different and had good dietary guidelines; that said, I'm glad I checked it out at the library instead of purchasing it, because it is impossible to follow. I took the basic info on nutrients that are important and weight...
I'm in the too-tired-to-nest, but having nesting fantasies club. Mentally, I'm nesting, but when I start doing anything I just get too darn tired after about 10 minutes. I really can't bend over anymore and squatting is not so comfy, either, with my belly sticking out the way it does. DH can do some stuff but I don't want to overwhelm him! Mentally, though, I'm there--cupboards/closets to clean out and make room for some baby stuff, crib to assemble (well, DH and FIL...
I'm not in your situation, but I am a counselor at a 4-year state college and have been a counselor at a couple of community colleges, so thought I'd offer a few tips: -if you are in the same state as the 4-year school where you began, I would suggest going to a local community college to see if they can help you navigate what you can do there prior to transferring -transferring coursework from one 4-yr school to another is harder than from a community college to a...
Welcome! Bed rest does not sound fun, but if it helps keep the baby in, that's what you need! There's plenty to read on MDC to keep you busy :)  
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