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I am not especially used to work people, strangers touching me without my permission- so the other day when another emloyee walked up to me and said, oh now you're really showing...then she reached out and touched my bump WITH BOTH HANDS!!! and told me I was having a girl. Um, not so much...apparently her ultrasound quality hands must need a tune up.   The need for people (ie not friends or family) to touch while you are pregnant is un-nerving. I'm trying to menally...
MDC name: csvam Real name: Cynthia EDD: 14th of Dec Birth: Center or Hosptial...still unsure Baby # 1   Thought it was a girl but we are confirmed- boy! (psychic skills lacking)...
Hi- i have recently discovered my sciatic nerve- life was much more blissful when i was unaware of its existence. These days it screams at me all day long- comfort is a thing of the past.   I am looking to find some relief- does anyone have a chiro they recommend or a therapist (galleria, midtown, deer park, clear lake area if possible)? (if i do not get relief soon, i will be in search of mental health counseling). I have done massage, but the relief is very limited...
MeepyCat- thanks for giving me some good talking points. I'm not sure what i'm going to do, but i appreciate the comments.   Alegna- LOL- i never thought of being over 35 as a complication until my OB let me know it was.
I watched the business of being born last night after i had my 22 week appointment with my OB.  After the appt. my husband and I were talking about how going to the OB seems to be like a cattle call- I wanted to talk about natural childbirth, but my OB was standing by the door and I could tell she was ready to move on. So I was checking on netflix and I found the doc BOBB- this has made me wonder the following:   1. is it wise to switch to a birth center after 22...
Hi jnipp2009- thank you so much for the information- we live in the clear lake area, so this will be a great choice.
What a great thread- so cool to read about everyone!   I am 36, DH 35 and we are raising his newphews (16 & 18). We also have 4 cats, we've put adopting more on hiatus until baby comes. We have known eachother since 7th grade, but didn't talk or hang out after middle school. Fast forward to the 2008 elections and we were a at caucus and hit it off- and have been together since then. We just passed our year anniversary. I work in human resources.
Hi Everyone,   My name is Cyn. My husband and I are expecting our first baby, we are Dec 13. We have two other children we are raising (well, they are 16 + 18) so this will quite a change to our household. We also have quite a few cats, and I'm interested to see how they react to the baby.   I hope everyone is having a great pregnancy and great day!
Hi, I have also been looking for a doctor who was willing to service us in Houston. For a city with 4+ million people, I would have thought my search would have been easier. I am currently pregnant, and just started my research a couple of months ago, and I am really wanting to do my own schedule- the process has been very frustrating.   Let me know if you find anyone who will see you.   Take care, Cyn
HI Everyone- My name is Cyn and my husband and I are expecting our first baby at the end of the year -- I am excited to joing this board!   Cheers! Cyn
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