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Dear Gardendweller, no one can answer this question for you, only your baby. Every child is so different and it depends on so many factors... I'm sure that's not what you want to hear, but I think its better than having a false expectation because of what another child did. My daughter is 6m and breastfeeds once in the middle of the night (most of the time); she goes to sleep around 7pm then wakes for a BF around 11-12, but I'm usually still awake, then again sometime in...
I use disposables. I tried using cloth with my son during a trip when he was 3 months, but I had to soak soiled ones before throwing them in the wash, to remove the stains and also while I accumulated a few, and this was a pain while being a guest in someone's house... Also on planes I found it too difficult to deal with pooped diapers... sometimes there's leakage and you have to rinse it, this is easy at home, but in a plane... no! I hate it but if I am out of the house...
Our son was born while we lived and worked in Mozambique, these pictures are at 4, 7 and 10 weeks. At 7 weeks he travelled with me for work (by plane and car) for the first time, and we did it several times after that, but it would have been impossible without our Sleepy Wrap! He's 13 months now and we still love carrying him, although now with an Ergo.     
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