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Thanks for these ideas!
Hi all! I just got some Klean Kanteens for my family and would like some covers for them. Has anyone made any? Could you help me with directions, material used, and any other hints. Thanks!
Thank you all! I ordered them and can't wait for them to arrive! I didn't get any covers for them. Will a regular can cooler fit the 18oz or 27oz?
Thanks all for the responses! I am thinking of going with the 18 oz for the 2 smallest kids. Would I be ok with a 27 oz for my 8 yr old, or better with the 18 oz? Can these go into the dishwasher? Do they dent easily? Where is the best place to get these? Where can I get some cover reasonably priced? Thanks!
I am wanting to get some Klean Kanteens for my family. I am thinking of going with the 27 oz for the adults but am unsure which size for my 8, 6, and 4 year olds. What size should I be looking at for them? Also, do I need a cover for them? How can I distinguish which bottle belongs to whom? Thanks in advance!
Would anyone know where to find or have the Quickutz Gidget classic shadows to buy. Thanks in advance.
I would love to know about my personal health in the next year.
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