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It is the law to take religious exemption in ALL schools in PA if you are not vaccinating due to a strong moral opposition close to a religious belief. Which just the fact you are on here -I'm thinking that is yes. This differs from NJ's religious exemption (which has to do with what is stated in your organized religion). Private and catholic schools are not exempt from this law - however it seems often the staff members are not aware of that fact. Im in similar situation...
Someone in this forum very kindly replied to my question in August with a link to PA law explaining. Maybe I read it wrong?   Because I thought that ALL schools, public and private, legally must accept religious exemption in PA. The school is telling me that they do not accept religious exemption because they do not have to as they are private.   Is this correct?   Thank you in advance.
Thank you so much for response! When I read it I had baby in one hand and 5yr old running around so wasn't able to reply. But thank you!!
Thank you. Pennsylvania
I don't think that you can really expect them to sit for too long. The baby is still young, so you may want to concentrate on feeding her first and then letting her eat some fruit at the table until she wants down. Our 3yr old would eat with us (we just did our best to have him stay seated) and then when he was done he was completely allowed to get up while we would try and finish. But I do think you kind of have to be flexible and just work at it without making it more...
I have the same exact question. However, I do not live in SC. Does that apply everywhere? The nurse at our private (catholic) school called me and told me that they do not accept religious exemption because they are a private school and there is nothing in the catholic religion that goes against vaccines. But even though the school is catholic, they accept all religions. Is she legally correct? I am not sure how to find the answer.
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