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How could I forget about store and doctor?? Thanks everyone!
Thanks everyone, she eats a lot and enjoys it, hasn't shown any difference there thank goodness! 
I have always tried very hard to not let my kids hear me say anything bad about myself. They do have some old barbies and princess movies that I really don't want to give up, partly because they love them and partly because I do too! I don't really feel that they are to blame anyway but I know some people out there think it does damage. I know just living in society will cause these issues to arise as well so I can't completely protect them no matter what I do.
They do enjoy it a lot after I help them along but they get stuck or bored if I don't keep giving them ideas. 
My 6.5 year old dd was brushing her hair after her bath and while looking in the mirror she said, "I wish I was thinner" while sucking in her stomach. She is all of 40 lbs and skin and bone. She eats great and I can't imagine her changing that. In every other way she is a typical little girl so I'm trying hard not to worry but it still bugs me a lot. I don't remember ever thinking I wanted to be thinner at that age. She is very much into looking at her reflection and is...
My dds aren't super imaginative about pretend play (neither am I!) and I was hoping for some ideas to help them along. So far I've introduced them mainly to "house" "school" and "stranded on a deserted island" on their bed. What are some of your kids favorite things to do during pretend play?
I've heard breyer horses are pretty fragile in that the legs can break off easily. Dd age 6 wants some really bad for her birthday but I'm afraid her younger sister would be a little rough with them and I can't exactly keep them away from her. Maybe the bigger ones are less fragile? We would be getting the classic version (which is the second biggest.) Should I wait a few years or do they hold up well with moderate play? 
I'm looking at gifts for dds birthday and Christmas. She has never really been interested in baby dolls until her younger sister got into them. So now I'm wondering if I should get her some stuff to go with some baby dolls I got her. I'm looking at wooden doll high chairs, bunk beds, and miniature table and chairs. But since she's almost 7 I worry that she won't like them for long or will think they are babyish. She is still really into pretend play and "young" compared...
I'm having a hard time finding a 20" plastic baby doll that isn't cheap or ugly looking. I was considering Corolle since its the best option I've found so far but I don't really like how the eyes look so small compared to the rest of the face. I have gotten a bunch of smaller dolls for my dds and want a 20" one for variety and so that it can fit into regular 3 month baby clothing. Any suggestions? Plastic baby only please. Thanks!
Now that I really think about it, the previous version wasn't really any better. I was just used to it. But it doesn't compare to the movie at all. For one thing, her hair was almost brown, not bright yellow. 
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