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I've also heard good things about the Webster technique, and you can also consider acupuncture. One of the clinical supervisors in my acupuncture program often worked with expectant mothers, and she had good success with turning babies from breech to vertex with acupuncture. However, sometimes more than one treatment was required to get the baby to stay vertex before delivery. 
Many hugs to you, and please let those guilty feelings dissolve into the ether. Some mamas continue making milk while pregnant and others don't--I suppose it depends upon whether one's body wisdom considers there to be enough reserves to do both--but it's definitely not something one can consciously cause or prevent. I hope you and the family feel better soon! Intestinal bugs are so wretched. 
What a hard situation; my heart and thoughts are with you. Bmorefarmgirl has an excellent point about marshaling the energies of supportive people in your life, both in the sense of positive regard for you and in the concrete sense (meals, household and childcare, etc.) Parenthood is a community effort and none of us should have to go it alone. Please don't hesitate to ask for help...it's essential, and true supporters will be honored to provide it. 
Thanks for the compliments on the bookcases! I'll be sure to put some directions/plans on the thread for baby projects.
Thank you, everyone, for your responses! I appreciate all of the information and personal experiences.   As cycle commuters in a rural area, we share the road with motor vehicles, including log trucks and bus-sized recreational vehicles. For the most part, the shoulders are of a decent width, so we're not in the same lane as motorized traffic. Our time in town is short, with a couple of stop signs, so city traffic isn't a concern. However, the rural route does have a...
Many blessings and may all go well today for you!
Because I live on the Oregon Coast, images of stranded marine mammals come to mind when I consider how I feel lying in bed or getting up from bed. A month ago, I was at the seal stage. Now at 28 weeks, I've reached sea-lion dimensions. At some point, I expect to become a waddling walrus, but I'm reserving the whale designation for the very end. 
This is me at 21 weeks, hiking at Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington. It was a gorgeous day and this trail was snow-free in mid-July, but when we got to one of the Paradise Park trails for a second hike, quite a bit of snow obscured the trails...and a bunch of young Microsoft interns were having a blast sledding down the snowbanks on plastic bags or their bottoms! Needless to say, I did not join them.    This was taken at home one month ago, at 24 weeks...
We're long-time bicycle commuters expecting our first baby in November, so we've been researching car seats, and I admit to being more confused than enlightened, so I'm delighted this forum is here!   Our preference would be for a convertible seat, as long as it's newborn-safe, rather than an infant seat and then a toddler seat. We have a compact car (a Prius); my husband is 6 feet and I'm 5'2". I can't think of any special features we'd like, other than a seat with...
My husband has had problems with balance after being in a serious automotive accident, and we ride to and from work on a recumbent tandem tricycle. The relaxed position makes for more comfortable pedaling, and because the seat has a back, you have support. Some brands to check out include WizWheelz, Cat Trike, and EZ Racers. My mother, who has mobility problems, rides an adult tricycle; it only has a few gears, though.    Rural riding can be a challenge, especially...
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