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Thank you for the encouraging words!
For years, my DD has been obsessed with Halloween, but it's getting a bit much for a 12 y/o. I've always been fine with her having Halloween decorations in her room or pumpkin t-shirts or wearing black, but now she's already looking forward to this costume and wants me to buy her a costume from this website: http://www.mrcostumes.com/Sexy-Costumes-C18.aspx   None of that is appropriate for her age, and I've told her she's not getting one, but of course this brings up...
I was never a very affection child but I definitely grew into it. My brother was the exact opposite, but now in his teenager years, you can't get him to hug our mom (of course, this is probably just him being too much of an adult :P)   I definitely wouldn't worry about it. DS will grow into it in his own time like I did. :)
So cute!!
So I recently found a blog post on on creating cute Easter lights with Christmas lights on Pinterest. For those who want to read, check it out here: http://blog.christmaslightsetc.com/2012/03/festive-easter-lights-and-easter.html   And then I started thinking, you could use the same method for a ton of other lighting projects! Finding cute cups and using them as little "hoods" would also work.   Can you guys think of anything neat? :)
Hello there, I'm Lewis from Atlanta, GA. I look forward to getting to know all of you. :)
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