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That was a lovely read.
Source of meme: http://www.ageofautism.com/2014/03/autism-organizations-demand-cdc-accountability-following-autism-rate-rise-announcement.html   Not sure I totally agree, except in my angrier moment.  
Thanks to Mizram for posting this great article on the other forum.   http://www.ageofautism.com/2014/04/safeminds-1-in-68-is-only-part-of-the-autism-story-what-cdc-didnt-report.html    It is about how the number of children with severe autism is dropping off (none-the-less, before any lurkers starts going "it is just a brain difference!" in their head, may I point out 50% still have an IQ under 85, and 30% are under 70? ).  The author speculates that this drop in...
Have you said it to a doctor?   There is a conversation I would like to be a bug on a wall for. How old is your son?  How is he doing?  If you do not want to answer here, I would enjoy hearing on INV or by pm.   K.
I half agree with you. My sister has two kids with autism - neither she nor anyone else says "I have one with regressive autism and one with classical autism."  I agree there is no separate screening process.   It does seem that those who have significant regressions are more likely to have severe autism, and that might be useful information for a parent to have.  http://sfari.org/news-and-opinion/news/2010/dramatic-regression-leads-to-severe-autism-study-finds  I would...
http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1327212/social-groups-are-here Just thought I would link this here for a bit more information on social groups.
Oh, me, too…and I live very far away from Hollywood.  Kudos to those celebrities brave enough to publicly own it ;)  It cannot be an easy decision.
yeah, sorry, getting confused.  This is one heck of a thread with lots of tangents!  I think it has been a good one in many ways, though.  
Apology accepted…although I am not sure it is necessary.   I think it might come down to wording.  To me the word "believe" in the above sentence implies that is what you recollect from readings you have done - not what you assume.   Sometime I put the word speculative in brackets if I am speculating - a hint you can use or ignore as it works for you.  
But you said : "James and Anna O'Marra had 9 children, 8 of them died from diphtheria.  Their story is truly tragic."  That sounds like a statment of fact to me.    Ack: moral of the story - be careful with posting images as truths and be careful with wording.  Good night from the East Coast - and Hoppy Easter to those celebrating! Kathy
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