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61.  Smoking - and not just because of the second hand smoke, which was covered upthread.  Smokers are more likely to catch and have a longer lasting case with all sorts of viruses - and thus are more likely to spread stuff than non-smokers.
As the title say.   Sorry, abstract only, and simply to share:   http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22017482
unprotected sex can produce baby humans - and humans spread disease.
51.  touching doorknobs without wearing gloves 52.  driving an suv 53.  having many kids - more kids equals more chances for disease! 54.  letting your cat outside - toxoplasmosis.   55.  not running outside every time it rains to empty water  containers.  Mosquitoes and West Nile.   No bird baths allowed!  (or will the birds eat the mosquitoes?) 
31.  driving too fast   32.  Going to foreign places and potentially bringing diseases back here. 
26.  getting the chicken pox vaccine - thus probably causing a spike in the shingles rate of almost everyone over 20 27.  double dipping  28.  using daycare - kids in daycare are more liklely to catch, and thus spread, many viruses.
 I am not sure whether you are making assumptions or have read extensively on the issues. I have numbered things to make them easier to address, should you desire. 1.  Do you know this to be true?  Citations, please. 2.  I am not sure poor but stable communities get to decide for themselves what they want.  To a large degree I doubt it.  Aside from government (which might have its own ideas about what to implement) most funding for stuff will come from philanthropic funds....
I numbered them in a fit of being picky :) #17 would make a good spin-off one day.  I do wonder about drugs in our water suppply….
Yeah, I kind of thought - oh, cool, baby will now be well protected from the measles due to having had the measles.  Clearly the vaccine did not work as intended.  I hope the family runs titres before doing a second shot.  
So, the argument goes that we are selfish for not vaccinating - that our choice not to vaccinate could potentially put a rather small portion of society at risk.  That diseases we currently vaccinate for could potentially spike in numbers, vaccinatable disease dependent, of course.  (<= note the many use of qualifiers)     So, I thought we could make a list of things people do that may put others at risk.  Be as real or extreme as you like.  Just add your number(s) and...
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