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Agreed.  There are so many members who post on INV who rarely or never post on the debate board. 
It seems to me all the calls to change or disband the INV forum comes from the VOS side.  Perhaps they should focus on making their forum stronger instead of trying to dictate what happens on INV and what support looks like to others.     I agree no active MDC members should be called out on other forums, but the idea that we cannot discuss public figures is frankly preposterous and over the top.     Personally, I hope this thread is locked as the mods decide if they...
Goodness, yes, it is her body…and unless a disease is an imminent threat, vaccination should be her call when she is of age.  
Welcome to MDC.  How old is your daughter?   I would start with the CDC Pink Book, appendixes included.
more later - children call!
A few more links on mitochondrial disease and autism:    https://sfari.org/news-and-opinion/news/2011/mitochondrial-function-disrupted-in-children-with-autism   http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3285768/   http://blog.autismspeaks.org/2010/03/11/fever-regression/   I will add, that from my understanding, it is fever that is the catalyst for a autistic regression in those with mitochondrial disease.  Vaccines cause fever.  Yes, diseases we vaccinate for...
 Here is some information on mitochondrial disease from Thinking persons guide to autism - a decidedly pro-vax organisation. http://www.thinkingautismguide.com/2011/03/mitochondrial-disease-and-autism-linked.html A few cut and pasted snippets, but the whole article is well worth a read for anyone interested in autism. "The first issue worth noting -- and one that's been noted before -- is the much higher prevalence of MD in the ASD population. It's 5% among people with...
It is amazing how many people on this thread seemed to react to the Hep. b. vaccine.  
 of the Paul Thorsen fame? http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/04/13/us-crime-research-funds-idUSTRE73C8JJ20110413
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