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I work from home, so my baby girl, 15 months, has never had to go to daycare. My parents are nearby so she is used to them and is happy to stay with them. I would like to be able to leave her in the nursery during church and I'd like to have the option to leave her at a daycare for a few hours if I have an appointment and I'm not able to leave her with parents. But, she will not stay with anyone else. When I take her to the nursery at church, I try to get her to play...
Awesome, thank you!
We are moving to a smallish (1200 sq ft) home in a few months. We have been living with family for a while so this will be our first place for just us: me, DH & 1 yr old DD. I want to use the space wisely, only have necessities, and a minimalist type of decor. We have to buy almost everything, all furniture, everything in the kitchen, all appliances, dinner wear, towels, whatever. We don't have anything. This is fun to plan but also a little overwhelming as I'm not sure...
Good to know! I'm learning a lot here, thank you :)
Okay, great! good to know. 
Great! I am still waiting to receive my juicer in the mail but I'm excited to start. I ordered a Breville juice fountain plus. But then I read some reviews online that said it doesn't do greens well? I hope that's not true, since I want to do green drinks. 
What is titre testing? And what do you mean she is a chesty child? What vaccine is that for? 
I delayed vaxing my daughter until 4 months, then I allowed 3 vaccines, then I did some more research and regretted that and now I am not allowing any other vaccines to be given to her and any future children of mine. But, I'm not sure what else to do. So, this is probably a dumb question, but if you do not vaccinate your children, does that mean they will never receive vaccines? or does it mean they won't receive them until they go to college or decide to travel...
Has anyone had success losing weight with juicing? I just bought a juicer and am thinking of replacing my breakfast meal with a vegetable/fruit juice, and maybe perhaps my lunch as well... or maybe a juice for lunch with a salad or soup or something lighter than my normal meal. So, it'll be almost like a 1/2 day juice fast, then with a healthy meal for dinner. 
Thanks for your thoughts! I actually just got my period last week, so I'm happy about that. I'm still nursing and haven't done a thing to try to wean yet. I am reconsidering when I should start. I don't feel ready myself, but am worried about waiting to try to have another baby since I know it might not work on our first fertility cycle and could take several. I think I'll wait another month and then try little things to maybe encourage weaning, but not anything sudden....
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