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Thank you, that does help! I'm feeling less crappy than yesterday, no headache today, but still really down feeling without that caffeine boost.  
Really, no one knows anything about this? I started reading a traditional foods cookbook, which also is giving me a lot of info about preparing foods in general and I just learned that granola is like the worst thing you could eat for digestion, wow, I had no idea! I love granola and thought it was one of the best foods I could eat! So, I thought if I soaked it first, I would be making it easier to digest. The last batch I made, I soaked it overnight, then drained it,...
Has anyone eliminated coffee from their life and really feel better because of it? I've tried multiple times to stop drinking coffee, and for some reason I always start again, because I'll read something about how healthy it can be. I'm confused about whether it is healthy or not, but I have a thyroid disorder and some anxiety issues that I feel could be helped if I eliminated coffee. So, I haven't drank it for 3 days and I literally feel depressed, so my body really...
I'm new to soaking grains. I just tried it last night, so I have soaking: oatmeal, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame and flax seeds. I usually just made this granola with the seeds raw and toasted them in the oven but just started reading about how I should be soaking them. So, after I soak them for 12-24 hours, do I dry them or rinse them or can I just drain the water, throw together with my spices and honey and bake as I normally do in order to make granola?
I've been reading a lot about organic foods. We've already started buying mostly organic produce, but I'm finding out that it is probably more important for our animal products to be organic. I'm realizing how much I have to learn about all this, but I want to start making the change and not keep waiting. I'm mostly worried that we're going to spend so much more money. Does anyone have tips about how to start buying organic meat, dairy, and eggs? Where to buy them, etc?...
I have never gone to a naturopathic doctor, but am considering it. How do you go about finding this type of doctor? Does insurance cover this or this is an alternative type of medicine that you pay out of pocket? I'm in Ann Arbor, MI, so would love any recommendations if anyone has any. Thank you!
Does anyone know how much psyllium husk I should take to prevent constipation? I always get constipated on long vacations and want to prevent that, but the bottle I have says each capsule is 0.52 grams but doesn't say how many to take a day for prevention, does anyone know? I can't find this info online.
None in particular. Just wondering if I should be concerned about any since we'll be traveling across the world.
We'll be going to Bulgaria. Thanks for your reply!
We're traveling internationally with our 7-month old for 2 weeks. I'm not sure how many sets of clothes to bring for her. I am trying to limit my clothes for myself to just 5-7 outfits at the most and do laundry once while there. Should I do the same for baby or do I need more clothes in case of multiple changes a day?
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