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No he's not leaving me alone he keeps harassing me but i just ignore his texts and calls. it feels wonderful to be out and free.I have also met someone who is a wonderful guy and is standing right by my side through it all
I have another update for everyone. i left I'm out we are getting a divorce and in the middle of a custody battle right now. i no longer live in pennsylvania i have recently moved to new york. life is great
Another day, another threat on my life if I leave. What the hell has my life come to? What the hell was I thinking? How did I let it come to this point? I'm looking for rent assistance programs in PA, and also, places to help me file Custody and Divorce. Fun day researching.
I know this is all going to be a shit storm and that is what really scares me. I have the birth certificates and things already, I've slowly started to get some other things around too like clothes etc so that I can have them ready to just go out the door with. It's his out bursts that scare me, I don't know if I'm going to be safe after I do this, and at this point, I don't care. I just need out. I just can't take this anymore.
I'm fine I just wish he would go. I don't have an income myself so figuring out how to support myself and my children is going to be a problem but I'm working on finding resources to help me figure this out. It does sound manipulative and strange. I'm just emotionally done. I can't do it anymore, if he doesn't move out then I'm going to. I can't take the fighting anymore. All he wants to do is fight and scream at me over nothing all the time, it's the same way as it was...
My husband told me this morning that in two months he's moving out.
I'm in the middle. I have days where I'm really happy and remember why I wanted to stay home to begin with and there are days where I want to pull my hair out and go to work for my husband so he can stay home. I do enjoy it for the most part, though.
I had a TL in November of 2011. Since then my periods have been really messed up. They begin normal, but don't want to end. It will completely stop for a day and start up again, and do this for a few days. I have also started recently bleeding lightly after sexual intercourse with my husband. In 2011 while I was pregnant wtih my youngest child, I was Diagnosed with abnormal cervical cells that  could possibly lead to be precancerous. I was supposed to get a biopsy in...
I thought of another funny and heartwarming moment. My oldest daughter was about 14 months old, I was big and pregnant with her little sister. So I was sitting in our computer chair rocking her to sleep because it was the most comfortable spot i could find at that point. My daughter laid her head on my belly and her baby sister started kicking her head, and making it bounce. My daughter sat right up, looked at my belly like, "what the hell is that?" and out of nowhere...
My mother in law is delusional, Controlling, overbearing, manipulative, lying, pshcyo witch. She makes up fake health problems to gain control, she fakes seizures, she is controlling and doesn't let my husband or I do anything with our kids while she's around. She came in my house one day and my daughter was around 1, she was cutting teeth and was chewing on the handle to a plastic baby fork, the handle is thick rubbery with little dots that stick out, might I add the...
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