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Hi!  I sent you a pm, yes would love to do some knitting stuff with you.  I am a newbie to it still too.  I plan to take a couple classes this fall though. 
Hi!  I think Minnesota is a great state to homeschool.  I also have a little one still, so just learning the ropes but I would direct you to the Minnesota Homeschoolers' Alliance website for further information.  Also, from what I have read you don't need to do any official homeschool paperwork until first grade.  So if you homeschool for preschool and kindergarten, there are no rules to worry about.  Best to you!
I had my first birth at home.  I just "knew" that I wanted to be at home and it is where I would feel most comfortable.  Like others mentioned, funky things can go wrong at any birth.  As long as you feel confident with the skills of your midwife, remain low risk, take care of yourself, and have a good back up plan I think any midwife would support you in having your first baby at home!  By the way, I strongly recommend Hypnobabies, great program to get rid of any...
I read Heaven on Earth a while back, I will have to browse through that one again. I can't remember the discipline piece either, but I guess I could tell her to disregard that part.
Thank you this is helpful!
Yes he was!
This is really helpful thank you!
Hi all, I just hired a new nanny and was wondering if there is any particular book you would recommend for me to have her read?  My child is only 2 but I want her to have a concept of Waldorf and what those early years should be like. Many thanks for your suggestions.
Thank you!  I'm near Minneapolis, MN.  I will do a search and see what I can find out!
Thank you!  Those do look nice.  Do you remember the seller you used on etsy?
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