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Sometimes pain in the shoulder area/upper back can signal gall bladder issues as well. I used to think that pain was heartburn coming out my back but I have since learned that it's my gall bladder flaring. 
Welcome! My first came at 42 weeks and my second at almost 41. I'm expecting this one to be late as well :) No need for medical intervention on the date unless something goes wrong! 
This is totally up my alley - I'd be in!
Hi All! I've been reading along but not posting much lately. I'm not sure why other than busy around the holidays!    Everything here with me is going well, GD 1hr test coming up on Monday. Baby moves so much he makes me neausous (sp?) which is super annoying. But yet glad to feel him in there. Also, I am totally craving gingerbread flavored things - yum! :) 
Great question. DDs will be going to the neighbors. She is not family but my youngest does go there for in-home daycare. Without the neighbor, I'm not sure what we would do, as our family is far away as well. Hard situation!   After I have the baby (in the hospital) DH will come home to get them and they will be at the hospital the rest of the time whenever DH is there. He will go home at night to sleep and will take the girls with him. That way I can get some sleep too...
Anachka, yes, please post all of your positivity!!  I'm a loss momma but that doesn't mean you should feel like you can't post. I love to hear about perfectly happy, healthy pregnancies. Sometimes it just plain old makes me happy for you and other times it helps remind me that not all pregnancies have to result in negative ends. Please do post! Congrats on the BOY!!!! Did they change your due date based on measurements? 
Mamakims - congrats on a boy!   AFM - Do you feel like this pregnancy thing is getting harder? Man, I was pretty okay up until this point (minus the morning sickness of course) but now I feel like I have a new ache everyday. We still have halfway to go! Whenever I complain or think it's hard, I try to remind myself that I shouldn't complain now because in 3 months it's going to be waaay worse! Sometimes that strategy works and sometimes not :) 
Happy November!    Happy Birthday Selissa! Thanks for starting the new thread.   It's fun to read everyone's updates! We are all moving past the halfway point and feeling or starting to feel baby! Yay!    AFM - This little man is active and feels as though he is constantly rolling around! Not at night though which is fantastic so he's not keeping me up. DH was gone two nights in a row and I didn't realize until he was back last night what a luxury it was to have the...
Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your story with us! I am very glad for you that it was not a roadside birth! 
Congratulations! Thank you for telling your story! 
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