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Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Haven't written in a while. Just wondering...Do you give your kids an allowance? If so, how much? (If you don't mind my asking, just trying to set a fair price for my kids!) What do your kids have to do to "earn" the allowance? What are the ages of your kids? Trying to figure something fair for my two boys - 9 and 13. Thanks everyone!
I mean, seriously! I have been cleaning all week and my house is nowhere close to being clean! I finish one area and turn around to face another mess!! Yes, I have started Spring cleaning and attacking closets, etc. but what a mess!! Anyone else have their clutter multiply when they're not looking?? How much time do you spend cleaning?
Once again on this list... The loud gum chewing! And what's worse... the crackling of the gum!!!! OMG - especially during a movie - makes me insane!!!!!
A SKATEBOARD!!! I am yelling because I am still mad!!! I wanted a skateboard desperately but my mom and dad thought I would HURT myself so wouldn't get one for me!!! I tried to make one with the wheels from roller skates and a piece of wood and tried to ride it in my basement! So sad. When I was in my 20s and worked as a computer consultant (before kids!!) my coworker brought one to work and I rode around the parking lot of the office. Of course I was wearing high...
We went to visit my MIL in the hospital. Mother's Day is overated. I always feel 100% better the day after a holiday.
Anyone remember Dawn dolls? They were smaller than Barbie and only around for a couple of years - I'm 40 so anyone around my age would probably remember. Anyone??
Quote: Originally Posted by kamilla626 Check out www.gymbohaven.com if you need to know what line something is from. Thanks! That looks great, will have to really look at it carefully. Do only new Gymbo clothes sell? Or do people want items that are a few years old? I always see Gymbo clothes but pass them up because I am just not sure!
Darkstar, I was just curious about the cost of shipping. I try to keep my Ebay money in Paypal to accumulate and when I am able to pay a bill with it, I transfer it over to checking. Therefore, I always use cash on hand to pay for shipping (even though the buyer actually does pay for it - it's an endless juggling act!) It really does add up at the Post Office when you show up with several packages. Ebay has been great for me as I am able to be a SAHM because of the...
Yes, the thrift stores here are absolutely huge! In fact, there are two of them within 15 minutes of me! They are so packed with clothes I can't imagine that there's not enough for everyone. As for selling shoes, is the shipping very costly? Any other items that sell well? I love buying/selling, it's an absolute addiction. I can't wait until the weather really warms up and the garage sales start again!!
Yup, I balance it. And if it's off, I HAVE to figure out why. Slightly neurotic.
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