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Quote: Originally posted by Irishmommy Okay call me wierd, but in Some Kind of Wonderful, the scene where Mary Stuart Masterson teaches Eric Stoltz how to kiss properly. Gets me every time. Totally agree with you on that one!
Maribel - I'm sorry you hate pumping too!!! I just kept telling my self I was doing the best for dd. To pass the time...I did a ton of reading on bf...from toddler nursing...to the politics of nursing. Everything I could get my hands on. It made the time go by faster and even helped with my letdowns. Good luck!!!
I don't think I ever enjoyed pumping...in fact I hated it, but knew I HAD to do it if I wanted my dd to have bm while I was at work.
I was pumping 2-3 times a day at work until dd was a year old. I started only pumping one time a day. (dd was beginning to drink bm and water while I was at work from a cup). I did this for a week --by the end of the day I thought I was going to burst!!!! After a week I stopped pumping at work but still brought my pump for those times when I felt as if I couldn't wait for my dd after work. After another week I stopped pumping at work. DD wasn't really interested in bm in...
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