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My name is Heather, I am 29, and I live in Colorado. This will be my second child, been seeing the father for about 4 years now, but just recently split before I knew I was preggo. I plan on looking into homebirth, but either way want a midwife. I am due March 24th, and am super excited that I wont be super pregnant in the summer like I was with my son. I found out I was pregnant last saturday when I woke up and found myself crying about the dishes, I went straight to...
I always try and remember that all of these changes effect him as well as you, and they can make each of you feel differently, but remembering that, as well as sometimes personal time for growth can help. My bf is pretty irritable atm as well.
Hi all, my name is Heather, I am a mother to a 12yo boy, and expecting #2 at the end of March. This has been a total surprise, and I am still trying to get a grip on this really happening. I havent really shared the news with to many people, as I am nervous and scared more than I ever was with my son. I went in last week to have an ultrasound done because after confirming my pregnancy with the Dr.  she wanted to see if everthing was okay due to what I thought was cyst...
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