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Name you want to be called: Amanda Area of location you live: Northern Indiana How many children you have already, if any: 2; boy 6 and girl 4 Estimated expectancy date: 6/25 Hobbies: Creating-art, writing, crafts, etc... Anything else you like to share: We keep busy with homeschooling (unschooling/project-based), and church/church activities/commitments
First, I'm not actually sure where to put this.  Apologies if this incorrect placement. I am researching schools offering either distance or online Master Herbalist programs.  Currently, I am leaning towards Heart of Herbs but I would love input.   Any suggestions and/or ideas are welcome! Thanks!
I delivered both of my children with Midwifery of Michiana at SJRMC; is this the group that you are familiar with? If so, I'm sad to learn they are no longer available.  From what I could find in a quick search, they're still listed at 420 W 4th St., Mishawaka 574-252-0300. Otherwise, this link may help: http://in-mishawaka.doctors.at/dr/midwifery-of-michiana-st-joseph-regional-medical-center-mishawaka.  Click on your desired city and available midwives will be...
Are there any unschoolers in the Elkhart/South Bend area?  Quite frankly, I'm looking for some moral support for both my kids (son: 5, daughter: 2), my husband, and myself.  There is no doubt in our minds that homeschooling is the right answer (more specifically, that UNschooling is the right answer), but we've had a bit of difficulty locating other families with our educational beliefs in our area.  (Perhaps I'm not looking hard enough...or LOUD...
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