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Hello Blueyezz4,   Thank you.  My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant about a year and a half.  We were married in 2008.  I thought once we went off the birth control it would be easy!  Apparently not for everyone.  I am 40 and he is 48 and I am running out of time.  We did different milligrams of clomid but that did not work so we just decided to go with IVF.   This is my first IVF.  I am so sorry for your losses.  I will pray that something wonderful...
Hello, My name is India.  I am just starting the IVF process and way nervous about it.  I just spoke with the nurse today and we will be starting on the 13th of August.  I am interested in talking with all of you and being part of this group.  I defnitely want to be a support and get support. 
Thank you, AdinaL.  I just talked with the nurse today and I am definitely feeling overwhelmed.  I talked to a girlfriend though and she made me feel better.  And she directed me to this website.  :)  I will look for a group. 
I am starting the process for ivf and I am extremely nervous about it.  Is there anyone out there who has experienced it?  Is it as bad as it sounds?
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