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Yup, she'd be ready for LA 1.
I was homeschooled. I loved it and want to provide the same awesome experience to my kids. That's why we decided to homeschool. There are a hundred other reasons why we continue!
We've done FIAR as a light school sort of thing for the last three weeks. We've done Ping, Madeline, and Lentil. We'll start The Rag Coat today. It's fun.
When they ask for it. With Ani that was about 4 1/2. With Cameron that was within the last couple months (he's 5 1/2).
Quote: Originally Posted by KaraBoo I disagree with Butter on me being the one to decide when my child is "finished." For one thing, I hope she's never finished with learning. I hope she never graduates out of learning, kwim? Well, no kidding they should keep on learning. But at some point they have to graduate from homeschooling. Obviously I meant finished with homeschooling which is why I said ready to go on to full time working or higher...
They graduate when the teacher (you) decide they are finished and are ready to move on, whether that is to full time work or higher education.
We're doing light school right now using Five in a Row. It's fun.
Does it matter? Grades are extremely arbitrary. I find people who ask are just making small talk and don't truly care. I go with age-mate grade, i.e. the grade they'd be in public school. If I'm feeling particularly snarky I just say I have no idea because grades are arbitrary and I don't box my kids in by that sort of restrictions.
So they are pretending to be inclusive, but they aren't. At the very least they should have pointed out to them that they aren't inclusive at all. By rejecting people they are clearly exclusive and should change their mission statement to reflect that.
Well, if they are exclusive or have criteria for joining they can discriminate all they want. Stinks, but they can. I've been denied membership in hsing groups simply on the basis that I am "not Christian" (as I've been told) or, rather, my brand of Christianity isn't "right" (I am LDS). Not much you can do other than complain (not that they'd likely care) if it's a private organization. They make the rules.
New Posts  All Forums: