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We do not vax at all. We have a regular pediatrician who is also a pediatric allergist (the baby was "lucky" enough to inherit a slew of allergies from us). We do not do regular well visits, but do go to the doctor for illnesses I'm not feeling I can keep on top of. That's been one in about four years. Our ped is totally supportive of not vaxing and in fact when I took Ani in for a check-up (to get her in the records and stuff) I said we don't vax and he just sort of...
Wiggliness does not mean not interested to me. If my kids are talking a lot or seeming like they are not interested I will ask them if they want me to stop reading. Occasionally they say yes. Sometimes they say no. I have discussed with them that it is nice to show respect to a reader by not being too noisy during a reading but that does not mean they have to be still or can't draw or color or whatever. Now all I have to do is remind them to be respectful of me...
Interesting thought, but totally not true. I know two unvaxed kids who got CP from another kid's case of vaccine-induced CP.
Quote: Originally Posted by freespirited I hear a lot that it's not about money because vaccines don't make much money. The vaccine itself may not make much money for the doctor but the "well" visits sure do.
I'll be using Sonlight K (renamed Core C) for my "kindergartener" but he'll be 6 in October and will be combined with my 7 year old. I find at 5 nothing specific is great, just putting together a play based fun curriculum.
We use Math-U-See. We love the mastery approach and how well it teaches the why behind the math. I also like that the manipulatives are just a few blocks. I have a thing about clutter. I have never looked at Shiller so I can't compare them, though.
No, nor will I ever join. As long as you are complying with the state laws you are fine and will not need HSLDA. They may have been useful years ago when hsing was illegal or not quite legal, but not anymore. Also, they involve themselves in a lot more than hsing issues. They are based in my state and have insisted on changes in the language of very good bills making them no longer acceptable and that has resulted in the bills being killed in the legislature.
You can also buy access to the Sonlight boards. Or get access (for I think one year) if you just buy an Instructor's Guide.
No experience but I've heard good things. I read the sample chapter out for Astronomy out loud to my husband and he only found issue with the sun being made of fire statement (he's a diehard evolution supporter - complete with humans coming from monkeys but also a diehard creationist - it's a conundrum that somehow makes sense in his brain). We'll be doing the astronomy book starting next month.
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