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Quote: Originally Posted by Pinky Tuscadero I live in MD and I think it's pretty easy here. They review your portfolio twice a year in my county. They can't ask for progress or comment on your content. All they want is "evidence of instruction", a few pieces of evidence for each subject. I don't think I'd want to deal with testing for progress. That leaves you open to not "progressing" enough and them giving you a hard time. I'm sure you'll hear...
Quote: Originally Posted by reeseccup The only real strong objective I have is that I can't graduate dc before they are 18 unless I have them take the GED at 16. This came up on VAEclecticHS yahoogroups a couple months ago and it turns out that is a misconception. You can choose to graduate your child whenever they are done. You can skip them grades or hold them back as needed.
I was homeschooled in MD (and thought I would be homeschooling my kids there but we moved). I homeschool my kids in VA. I personally think VA is easier when it comes down to actually jumping through the hoops. In MD there is a list of subjects you have to teach. Basically the subjects they teach in public school. You have to keep a portfolio of work done and they can come review it every quarter (pretty sure it's up to 4 times a year). In practice they usually...
We got it on eBay a long time ago. WAY cheaper than from the infomercial. It definitely sped up my husband's reading rather dramatically. It sped up my reading some, but I was already a pretty fast reader. Most books I want to read slower than I can, though, so I can enjoy them longer.
VERY unrealistic in your expectations. Both my kids could count out objects at almost 4 (son to 7, daughter to over 100), but neither could write letters and numbers at that age. Cameron still isn't reading, Ani learned to read at 4 1/2 (and in the last 2 1/2 years has progressed to a 5th-ish grade level and is considered academically gifted). Your son is not yet 4. Let him be a kid and don't kill his natural love of learning by forcing academics on him so young.
We absolutely love MUS. My 7 year old has used it for Alpha through Delta and is in Epsilon. My 5 year old is in Primer. We have no complaints.
Many people don't follow the schedule. Sonlight themselves say not to be a slave to the schedule. Do what works for your family.
Unless the child is specifically asking to "do school" at 2 I would play, play, and play some more. There's plenty of time for academic stuff. It doesn't need to start when they are so little.
Don't think about how your child may be in the future. It can overwhelm you and isn't useful since you may think wrong. Sometimes a child who appears to be gifted at 2 isn't and vice versa. That said, I do have an academically gifted child. She's 7 now and should be in first grade. She is on a 4th to 5th grade level give or take. We don't care much about grade levels as I think they are rather arbitrary. She does have a somewhat insatiable need to learn. ...
I was homeschooled and absolutely LOVED it! I am homeschooling my own kids mainly because of how awesome it was being homeschooled myself.
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