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There was a study done around the time my oldest was born that found some women "leak" the allergen proteins into their milk while others don't. It can't hurt, however, to remove the allergens from your diet just in case. My baby has multiple sensitivities and allergies. Our ped (who is also a ped allergist) said to keep a journal of what I eat and Fritz's reactions and eliminate anything that causes a problem.
If it is like it is here in VA, you would not file until 10/1/07. The cutoff here is 5 on or before 9/30. My older son was born 10/3 (will be 5 this year) and so we do not have to add him to our notice of intent until the 2007-08 school year which is the year he'd enter kindergarten if we did not homeschool.
I did a birthing center for #2 and a homebirth for #3. I much preferred the homebirth even though I love my birthing center birth too. It was just wonderful not to go anywhere in labor and have people come to me instead. And it was pretty amusing to realize when the baby was 3 days old that he had never even been outside of the bedroom where he was born.
We use a 53 qt kitchen trash can with a lid that you press and it pops up. Inside is a liner. If a cover gets soiled I throw it in with the diapers.
We use the Alfred books (got them from Rainbow Resource). We use the lesson book as well as the "other" books (activities, theory, etc.). It's working quite well.
I said other because I didn't think all religions accepted and represented was quite right. I think it is that as well as no religion. In fact, religion simply isn't an issue in an inclusive group. It's for everybody and anybody who homeschools or is considering it.
Dad and Lady for Ani. Gugga for Cameron.
Jamie sometimes travels for work and sometimes has to work at night (gone during bedtime). We've gone with him for very short (like weekend) things and hang out at the hotel while he works. Usually, though, we stay home and while we miss him it's really not so bad. We just continue in the evening like we do in the daytime.
I didn't fold down either and my kids' cords fell off in 6, 4, and 3 days. Here in the US we tend to be really, really careful with umbilical cord stumps (no tub baths before it falls off, many use alcohol on it, etc.) and I think that actually makes them hang around longer.
I like having supportive people there. At Fritz's birth I had my husband, midwife, her assistant, my mom, my dad, and my aunt. Two of my friends were supposed to be there but they missed it (they were sleeping lol).
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