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If it was my only choice, yes, I would use them. Some diaper sellers take PayPal or check by phone.
We hated them and found them rather useless.
Skip some, never made her repeat three times since she got it on the first try, and did several lessons a day. We finished all 200 lessons in about 4 months.
I let her teach me. She is very into learning things most people don't like Latin and the concept of infinity.
Ani went down a size or two in shorts when she potty trained. She went from size 2T to 12 or 18 months. Pants she had to stay in 2T because of the length. Still today adjustable waist pants are our friend.
1. Did you diaper your first newborn in cloth, and if so, were prefolds plus wraps (+/- Snappis) adequate? I did cloth diaper my first. Prefolds freaked me out so I sold those. We used fitteds. 2. Favorite fold, if you did diaper a newborn in prefolds? My third (3 weeks old today) I diaper in prefolds (and love them now). I just trifold and pin. Works perfectly and poop very rarely gets on the cover (only on those occasions he produces so much poop at one time I...
The Language Arts LifePACS are terribly boring...
Clean Flicks is going out of business since they were sued and lost (you can't edit and re-sell movies legally). So they are selling off all their stock and that's it. http://www.cleanflicks.com Feature Films for Families has clean, good movies for sale. Not edited regular movies.
Quote: Originally Posted by mommyofshmoo I just checked out the ages of your kids. What you call a big space between 2 and thre would be the minimum I'd probably consider! My first two are 3 years apart and I'm thinking of timiing it so 2 and 3 are 2.5 years apart or so. ??? You quoted me and said the space between my #2 and 3 would be the minimum you'd consider and then went on to say 2 1/2 years or so. My first two are 19 1/2 months apart...
I rinse mine until the water runs clear or almost clear and then toss in with the dirty diapers (or, when I didn't have a baby in diapers, directly in the washing machine).
New Posts  All Forums: