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We are GF CF too, I use coconut milk in our pancake recipe.
Adios Jen, veale pronto!! yes I'm still a lurker!
Hi Rene, I don't have much advice for you because my dd's CHD is electrical not structural but just take one day at a time. When making choices for my daughter I try to choose quality over quanity for treatments. Sorry I couldn't be more help but goodluck!
Congrats Kate!! Welcome Virginia Rose! :
Quote: Originally Posted by widemouthedfrog wow, tiffani! That is so exciting! ::: And on a more mundane note: niki, do you do your popcorn in a regular pot with olive oil, then? lid on, of course? yup just a regular pot I usually use a 4L size with a lid.
Quote: Originally Posted by tiffani erin, that's funny about the tea towels, as I JUST bought a popcorn maker because my usual method of shaking a giant pot of popcorn above the stove element for 10 minutes does not work very well over a gas stove, and we had a similar tea towel incident recently! Really?? I only cook on gas and popcorn is easy. I set it the heat to medium and then put a small amount (tbsp) of olive oil in the pot and three...
Hi Everyone- Happy February, I'm going to try to keep up this month although it might me hard as I have a packed month. Tyson is getting his adenoids and tonsils out a Children's on the 10th because his sleep apnea is causing severe lack of sleep and affecting all of us. as for diet, we try to eat whole foods, little processed and as local and organic as possible. I'm having issues with my large intestine and bowels right now, mostly pain and bloat and have been put...
Tigh na mara is beautiful, we went there about 3 years ago for DH's cousins wedding. I wanted to live in the pool/spring and never get out.
OMGosh I'm so sorry Rsummer for your loss.
I'm here too. DD has been really struggling with pneumonia lately and it has been a little hard on her heart and she is a wee tachy but still below 200 (she runs at about 170bpm). She had a hard time with the heat in the summer so I figured the winter would be easier for her but not with the pneumonia she has had for close to 5 weeks. She will go back to her cardio in April for her 2 year heart-versary but I have no real worries.
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