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s I know what it is like to stress over symptoms and beta #s as DS #1 was concieved after 3 m/c and 2.5 years, But you need to remain calm as hard as it sounds it is much better for you. Being super stressed and thinking negative thoughts affects the baby. The cramps are probably your uterus stretching so try to relax. I hope the best for you.
my midwife appt isn't until June 19th because I wanted an evening appt as Dh and I work in the day. I'll be 11-12weeks then
My DS nurses all the time but i'm so worried about my supply as he is only 9 months old. Hopefully my oversupply will be a blessing and I can nurse him for a while still.
we peek. I like being super organized and for that to happen I have to know the sex
Niki Jan 14 07 don' really care.
Thanks for the ideas, I made a scrambled egg (yolks only) for him and he loved it. I never thought of scrambling it cause i wouldn't eat just the yolks that way I guess. I'll have to try it with avocado tomorrow night.
I would like to start introducing my son to egg yolks, I boiled some eggs and took out the yolk and mushed it up and he hated it. What can i do, add to it to make it more appealing. I don't think he like the bland, chalk like texture.
DH and I had a hard time getting pregnant and staying pregnant with #1, he has male factors and I have female ones (low morphology and Endo). We had orginal wanted our kids 2-3 years apart, but the more i think about it as DS gets closer to one, I think we should just start working on #2 now (we don't use BC anyway) I started thinking this way because it took so long to get DS and if it takes us that long again, that would make him 3-4 years old at DC #2 bith, but if we...
My DS got his bottom 2 teeth in at about 7.5-8 months he is now 8.5 months and he is getting in the canines- is this not odd? He has no signs of getting the front or side ones on the top yet, and nothing else on the bottom but has these huge pointy canines ones coming in.
acck looks like it is down! .
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