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Quote: Originally Posted by Ellp Ok, so if its a food sensitivity, then the ring doesn't go away until you discontinue the food? She had the red ring for 2 days, and its now almost all gone, as is most of the diaper rash. We didn't change her diet in the meanwhile. Could it be a yeast infection? DS had one on his penis and said it was very painful, he had a horrible time sleeping. We used OTC canestan cream.
oh Ellaine I have the same thoughts as dawn- Food, upset tummy. Is she hungry or just using you as a soother? I would have not survived if I didn't nurse laying down- have you tried that for maybe part of the night?
That is horrible news, she is a wonderful person- I've met her. Hope she has a speedy recovery!
I love Gap jeans or lululemon pants and capris. Most of my long-sleeve shirts are gap and all my wool sweaters from HT naturals I'm super self-concious about my weight considering I was a size 5 6 years ago and have gained 60lbs since.
Oh poor baby and mama! My preemie got it at exactly this time last year, thankful it was a blessing as it revealed an unknown life threatening heart condtion but the RSV was so scary. Positive Thoughts for the family and a quick recovery.
I did with my parents as they wanted a new sofa and tv, we left the kids at home though so we could leave super early at 6am. We ended up stopping at canadian tire on the way home and I scored a casted-iron dutch oven pot by kitchen-aid for $29 regular $99. My DH had other plans and spent the day fishing away from us "crazies". BTW in Canada it is called Boxing day.
rest in peace jess. Much love to your family.
My Dh is adopted I have plastic bags blow on the back of my car, it has the reuseable bag url underneith
We wrap them but it is special wrap that I buy and only use for santa. The other rule I have about santa presents in my house is that they have to be something you could make ie. wood, fabric, glass.
It is just so sad, that poor family and her boys and DH. Gosh I'm just
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