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I have one summer baby and the other a december suppose to be January and I would take a January baby anyday. The summer sucked, I swelled so badly and I wish I could have walked around naked it was so hot. December was so nice, the baby kept me warm enough to still were a long-sleeved shirt but not a huge amount of layers. Yeah RSV sucked, which dd got but that ended up saving her life as we found out about an undetected heart defect that would have probably silently...
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthea™ Catch and release is awful I agree but Dh says that there are things to make more humane and not stressful. I don't really agree with this but I can't really do much about it :
I agreed with hunting if you eat it, I couldn't physically do it because I hate guns and would cry too much. We only eat me from a local organic farm, we are fortunate that the prices aren't too much to afford. Dh also fishes too and I tell him he better be nice to those fish- we eat them if he brings the home but he mostly does catch and release.
I'm so sorry. Bryce will live on in the others he saved. Thank you for giving such a generous gift in such a difficult time to the other babies mamas.
Yeah sheila. Welcome baby boy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride My MIL told me some birds we saw circling - constantly - at Disney World were buzzards. If so, they look fairly spectacular in the sky, but I'm quite okay with leaving it at that. OP: I'll hold your hand. The whole situation sounds gross. I can't even handle it when my cat kills a mouse or squirrel...dead cats are way past my comfort zone! Lisa do we even have them here?- I can't remember ever seeing...
ewww I would leave it for DH. But my DH would probably :Puke too.
I've never seen a buzzard, so I'll hold your hand out of curiosity :.
does she sweat when she eats? I would ask to have an ECG done too. My dd had tachyapnea from her heart condition.
I'm sorry.
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