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Hemp is just one of, if not the best, natural treasure from nature. I love hemp paper, napkins, clothes, shoes, diaper speakers and that the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper!
Would love to try it especially since we may decide to get some vaccinations for our twin girls.
Cloth diapers for my son and twin girls (though we decided to use eco disposables at night); homemade lotion/diaper cream; and vinegar and water steeping orange peels to use as a house cleaner.
Lemons! I use lemons (especially partially used halves) to scrub sinks and then I can't help but put them in the garbage disposal because it makes it smell fresh and lemony, even though they shouldn't be put in there.
I love to wear my children. I carried my son til after two years and would have longer but didn't want to with my growing pregnancy belly. Now with my twin babies I want to wear them just as I did him for so long but don't see how I can at the same time!
Would love to try!
No, I never found anyone. We have a birth center nearby and the midwife, who is also a naturopathic doctor and pediatrician, would not do it. Hope you and your babies are doing great. :-)
Such a fan! Would love and appreciate the basket full of goodies!
My boy would LOVE te Strider bike!
No midwives in my area will do a homebirth, so I will give birth in a hospital. I wish I could do a homebirth for many reasons, but it just isn't in my plan and we won't have any more kids after them.
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