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Another vote for a MT! We have a Two Hearts Carrier made of khaki fabric, and DH and I both love it.
KerryAnn, I replied to the other thread in Breastfeeding Beyond Infancy.
I'm sorry you're facing these health issues, mama. How rough for all of you! I don't know how much help I'll be, but I did want to send a big at least. I nursed DD1 until she was 22 months, but at about 20 months I started gently cutting back on nursing sessions (she would nurse all day given the chance). Here's what worked for us: 1. We only nursed in one spot - the recliner. I also only sat in the recliner when it was time to nurse. 2. Like a PP said,...
I don't have any advice, but just wanted to give you a big . It sounds like you've had such a rough time! Hang in there, mama.
When DD1 was crawling, she found some cat poop that had been tracked from the litter box... I removed a tiny piece from her mouth but had no idea if she'd eaten more. Ick ick ick! I actually called Poison Control. They said it happens all the time and kids usually don't get sick from it... watch for diarrhea, vomiting, etc. and call the doctor as needed. She was fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by dove we're thinking of you today, PajamaMama - hope everything goes well and that your recovery is swift! Adding my thoughts for a successful procedure and easy recovery!
My OB doesn't do routine paps during pregnancy. I had mine at my 6-week postpartum check.
Hi! I'm not sure how old your DS is, but he might be able to go without nursing while he's away from you. DD1 did this starting pretty early because she refused to take liquid from any source but me. : I worked 5 hours a day, and she just took solids at the sitter and waited for me. Could you pump once while you're at work? If he'll take a bottle or a sippy, that would give him some mama's milk while you're away. If you're worried about him not taking solids, you...
Quote: Originally Posted by MelanieMC Quick question here. What all are they testing for with a pap? Is it just cancer? TIA Basically, the pap is to check for abnormal cervical cells. These may be cancerous or pre-cancerous. I found this site to be informative about the test, recommended frequency, etc.: http://www.medicinenet.com/pap_smear/article.htm
I do, but my sisters don't. My younger sister was just diagnosed with dysplasia (pre-cervical cancer) at the age of 32. It is so important to get regular exams! Yes, it's uncomfortable, yes it's a PITA, but please do it anyway. Yemaya1, wow. I hope you never have to deal with cancer. As a sarcoma survivor who is alive today because of surgery and radiation, I find your attitude flippant and insulting.
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