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In my experience, babies have different rules for different people. Becca nurses to sleep both at night and for naps. If I'm around, it is non-negotiable as far as she's concerned. However, I work part-time and she takes a nap with the sitter, quite happily most days. Gwen was the same as a baby, and to this day gives me fits about taking a nap on the weekends even though she takes one daily with the sitter. I'd see how it goes for the nanny, you might be...
: Woo-hoo, Mama! I can only imagine what a relief that must have been.
First, good for you for tandem nursing, Mama! That is a very caring thing you've done for your children. My DD1 quit nursing at 22mo when I got pregnant and that was it, so I don't have any BTDT advice. In my opinion, though, the nursing relationship is a 2-way street when extended BF. It has to work for both of you. Plus you have to consider your relationship with the baby; you've got a lot of nursing ahead of you yet. With the painful latch and "touched out"...
Michelle, you poor thing! 2 can be such a stubborn age. Good luck with cutting back, I know how frustrating it is then they just want to stay attached forever like that.
Please no one throw things at me, but would he take a paci at night? : Might that help fulfill some of his need to suck? Neither of my girls took to a pacifier, and I know they're not the greatest thing for teeth, etc., but it might help ease the transition.
Way to go, Mama!
DD2 is 8 months old, and very distractable. She especially loves to watch her older sister's antics. If she's just too distracted to nurse, I end the session. If she's fine with it, I assume she's not that hungry anyway and wait a while. If she has a fit, I try again. I find that if she's truly hungry, that is enough incentive to her to settle down and really nurse.
Congratulations on three years! What an amazing gift you've given your daughter. Wishing you an easy transition...
Hugs, mama! This sounds like a stressful situation. If you have to supplement in the evening, could you use a SNS so that he's stimulating your breasts too? That should help increase your supply a bit. Also, could you pump in the evening, maybe after he's gone to bed, to stimulate an increase in supply? Even if you don't get anything at first, if you do it around the same time, it should help. Good luck!
It seems like this is Mother Nature's way of enforcing a break between pregnancies. With DD1, I was just starting to get back in the mood at about 18-20 months. She was still nursing but we were down to 3 times a day. Of course, we also decided to try for #2 at that point, which is a good incentive. Poor DH thought he was finally going to get some regular action, but I got pregnant right away and my libido went away again! He's more resigned to it this time around.
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