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Thanks for replying! My son is in charge of keeping kitty fed & watered, which he seems to take pride in...at least half the time! lol  Kitty is usually very patient....sometimes i think too patient. He gives classic signs of annoyance (tail flicking, ears back,etc)...then leaves if still bothered...and then finally swats w/ retracted claws or a warning bite. But lately he's had enough and is scratching.  Unfortunately on my son's head/face. Try as I may i cannot keep...
This morning while my (just turned) 4yr old was out of my sight (or so he thought!), he walked up behind our cat and hit him on the back.  I immediately intervened.  My son has always been a very sweet, compassionate lil guy. So this morning's event came as quite a shock to me. Was this cause & effect curiosity? Did this have to do with our new baby? Baby girl is 3mo old. And our son adores her. He wants to be with her, loving on her, caring for her, constantly! We...
Does anyone know of home birth midwives in Columbus,GA??  
how do i get to the thread u are talking about?  
I searched under "homebirth midwives columbus, georgia" as suggested and i didn't find anything about midwives here that attend home births. I did come across a site, Citizens for Midwifery (http://cfmidwifery.org/states/states.aspx?ST=GA), that stated: "While quite a few certified nurse midwives practice in Georgia, most are in hospital settings and none attend home births. There is one free-standing birth center, which is staffed by CNMs." This is confusing to me since...
How do I go about finding midwives that will do home births in Columbus,GA?? There are no birthing clinics here and I am really not keen on going to a hospital to have this baby! please help asap!
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