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Zack is sleeping in the Ergo I scored for $40 from Target today! It was repackaged. I never have good luck so im thrilled :-)
I got to try out a friends mei tei today for the first time. It was awesome! I am now on a quest for a deal. It'll be perfect for summer!
I think of it as similar to the development of the digestive system. It's a process that can take a long time. I mean, the teeth that haven't poked through are moving up just like their bones are growing all the time. That's how I think of it, anyway. Zack's drooling and putting his fists in his mouth, but he's not bothered by it yet. It's not painful, but something is happening.
Zack is 11 weeks old today! We're having a smiley evening.    
I don't think its bad to pump then nurse, but I wouldn't do that all the time. Im sure you know the foremilk is healthy and necessary too. Zack has had a few green slimy diapers and he is with me 24/7 so I know he hasnt had formula. I think its either a wheat or dairy sensitivity. Not sure which yet. I would guess that something in your diet is causing the green poo for Silas, too.
I haven't gone out without Zack yet, either. I have no desire to, honestly. DH thinks I should get a pump and use it so I can get a couple hours out of the house alone. Honestly, I have no idea what I would do with myself. Probably think about whether they were doing alright the whole time (even though I know they would!) A big part of my resistance to that is not wanting to have to wash the pump and bottles! I know I might want to have a break eventually, but for now...
Virgin gut! Thank you! I could not think of the term for the life of me. I think I need to increase my fish oil some more. Mama brain is getting the best of me these days!
I agree! Sometime Zack will nurse every hour or more often. I just go with it. Often it's comfort nursing, sometimes he's still a little hungry. If he's still fussy after nursing, he's usually wanting to go to sleep. Although he's been super gassy lately, but that's a different story. I also agree the formula could be hurting supply. It's rare for a mother to be unable to produce enough milk for her baby. Perhaps you could spend a day or two in bed, skin-to-skin, and...
I'm super wary about giving Zack anything but breastmilk. I want his gut to develop in the best way possible, and there are no studies I could find on how vit. d supplements affect the gut. This article made sense to me, and I have been supplementing myself and get outside time (and Zack gets some now, too) so I'm not worried about it. http://www.007b.com/vitamin-d-breast-milk.php
I'm having a hard time with birth control, too. For now, it'll be condoms and a diaphragm, which DH hates. I have a prescription for a femcap, so I hope we'll like that better. There is no way I will take any hormones, so we're stuck with barrier methods until I start temping and such. I didn't have a period PP until 13 months with DD, so hopefully it'll be around the same this time, too.   Zack is a sleeper, too! He wakes 2-3 times at night, but DD woke WAY more...
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