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  That's so sweet!!!
You're right about toddlerhood being a new ballgame! I think 1-2 years is my least favorite age so far. I never read any books about babies with my daughter and we got along just fine. I'm thinking about checking out "The Happiest Baby on the Block" this time around, just to get some more soothing ideas.   Ping isn't so bad a name! ;-) I'll have to add it to our list. jk ha ha
I want to include my daughter, but I'm not sure how. We're having a boy and she suggested "Peter" after Peter Parker, who is Spiderman! She was serious, too! So we nixed that name (neither of us want to name our son that) but she's also suggested "Cutie-Pie" and "Sweetie" and I tried to explain that those are not names, but nicknames. So...we just plan to play it by ear and try to let her help, but hopefully she won't be heartbroken if we don't go with a name she...
Eating lots of garlic will kill the infection off and vitamin c. Rest if you can!
I haven't had restless legs yet and hope not to! I have had some hip/calf achiness. Cal/mag is helping. A bath with epsom salt might make a difference, too! Put a few drops of lavender oil in the bath too and it's quite relaxing!
I agree that gender is not the determining factor on how someone behaves. It's personality and somewhat environment. I'm glad to be having a son and welcome the joy this new person will bring into our lives! I was afraid when I was pregnant with my daughter that she would be a boy because I was going to be a single mother and thought it'd be easier to raise a girl by myself, but I can see it's because of our personalities that we flow so well together (most of the time)....
I trusted it, too. It's funny though now that I know, I'm wondering how I'll mother a son! And how will we ever choose a name? lol I'm sure it'll all work out, though.
We just found out we are having a boy!!! My intuion was right as usual :-) we are very excited!!!! My placenta is also anterior which probably explains why I feel less movement sometimes.
Yay for feeling movement! I'm feeling lots of movement! I can also feel baby often laying low in my uterus.  I think it's his/her back that I'm feeling. It's amazing to have such a different perspective this time around. I don't remember feeling my daughter this clearly until later pregnancy. DH and I have had fun trying to gently distinguish body parts, although it's pretty hard now, since baby is still so small. I'm pretty sure he/she is laying sideways, which is...
My eyes have been super itchy but I never thought of it being pregnancy-related! Ha! Everything else is, so why not itchy eyes, too?
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