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My thoughts are that it's her body, so it should be her choice. My 6 year old has been begging to have them done but she isn't quite ready to be totally responsible for it so we're waiting a bit longer.
I hope you're feeling better, 1babysmom.
It's slow going here too, at 19 days pp. I avoided constipation the whole time I was pregnant, but it's struck full force. It's getting better now, but things aren't quite back to normal yet. I imagine my intestines are still making their way back to where they started :-)
Congratulations! He's perfect!
My husband was wondering about vit D and found this article. http://www.007b.com/vitamin-d-breast-milk.php   I thought it was pretty informative. Personally, I wouldn't give any supplements to baby. You can take a supplement if you feel something is lacking. I seem to have lost the information I had saved about the virgin gut. Basically, the gut is a huge part of the immune system and anything other than breast milk getting in baby's tummy affects their developing...
My husband is being amazingly supportive! I haven't done any dishes yet and have only switched laundry over once or twice. I feel supported and loved, but I feel SO tense! Like my body just cannot relax. I think being in the hospital with jaundice and now being worried about the jaundice still is really weighing on me. I JUST want to relax and totally enjoy my sweet boy! The first week PP was heavenly, and now I feel like it was a dream. It's so frustrating...I am trying...
I was shocked/thrilled that I've lost 25lbs in 12 days. I had gained 57, so now I feel like I just have the "normal" pregnancy weight left. Zachary nurses a TON so I'm sure he's helping with the weight loss. I've also been taking my placenta capsules...I wonder if that's partly why, too? Ditto on the stretch marks! I might have a couple new ones, but my belly skin seems to cooperate pretty well with pregnancy :-)
Munchkin, I agree with the others that you might be better skipping the schedule and feeding on demand.   I can relate to your situation. We knew Zack had jaundice but when we took him to the dr at one week old, we discovered his levels were quite high (23.9). We ended up in the hospital for 36 hours. The first thing suggested was supplementing, but we refused. Long story short, we were back at the dr yesterday and his bilirubin has gone up from 13.9 to 15.9 in a few...
  Zack is 10 days old today! He loves looking at this picture behind our rocking chair of this beautifully lit cave. I love that picture, too.     This one is blurry because they were wiggling :-)
BeanBean: I came across this article recently and it's fantastic!!!! http://thefunnyshapedwoman.blogspot.com/2011/05/foremilk-and-hindmilk-in-quest-of.html?m=1   We are SO glad to be home! We spent Monday night thru this morning in the hospital. Zack had high bilirubin and was under the lights for a while. I am so glad that we were treated with respect, even though he was born at home. I am exhausted but feeling ok. I am SO glad I have my placenta capsules! I really...
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