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Oh! Baby is LOA and engaged, too.
Congratulations! She is just lovely!!!! :-)
I had an appt with my midwife today. I was having LOTS of ctx last night (that stopped when I went to bed, of course). She asked if I wanted to be checked and I said yes. I'm 5-6 cm on the outside, but the inner os is still pretty closed. She said she thinks I'll go into labor any minute, and that my cervix feels like it's in labor, even though it's not yet.The assistant I prefer is going out of town on Friday. I'm scheduled for acupuncture at 4:30 today. I'm rather...
Yes!!! Same here exactly! Since Saturday, I am SO ready to meet my baby! Intense crampy/BH type ctx, SO tired, I can't stand for more than 10 minutes or my feet start to hurt (?!?!) my hips ache during the night and right when I get up, and I feel like baby is trying to rip through both my cervix and belly at the same time! I feel like he's big and strong and I'm talking to him, letting him know that we are ready to meet him and welcome him and snuggle him! Like you, I've...
Sounds like a good idea to rest up while you can, Cari! It's so exciting to think you'll be holding your baby very soon!!!!
I seriously have to pee every 5 minutes. I think baby's head is quite low. I've been having mild, spaced out ctx for the past 2 days. We ended up totally rearranging DD's room yesterday, which was NOT planned, but now she has a dresser that's not broken. I've been doing SO much laundry the past week and today DD woke up at 6:30 because she was so excited to see what the Easter Bunny brought her. We had an early breakfast and went to the park, had lunch, and came home....
YAY!!!!! I'm SO happy for you!!! I'm thinking "drop" thoughts for you both! Hugs!!!
It's a beautiful day to have a baby!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes! All the best!!!
From behind! Try laying on your side and DH laying behind you. We've been doing it that way for months and I don't have to do any work! I do miss face-to-face, but I'm glad we figured it out :-)   I'm 39 weeks today! Ended up ordering a juicy drink w/lunch that just happened to have some pineapple juice in it and came with a chunk of juicy pineapple on the glass. It was delicious! Then I spent a couple hours walking around. We DTD last night, too, but also because we...
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