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I'm sorry some of you mamas are having a hard time with husbands. I'm feeling a little bit like I'm on a roller coaster. Yesterday I was exhausted and crabby and I didn't sleep well last night (DH didn't have to work and slept with me at night and I wake up more when he's in bed with me, plus DD woke me 3 times) but today we went walking around a couple stores and then went out for lunch, which was delicious, then we went to the children's museum. It was SO sweet...
Hugs to you, mama!!!!!!
I'm sorry to hear that. I hope she recovers quickly and that she can meet her new grandchild soon. My cervix has been mush for weeks and I think I'm pretty effaced, but I can't tell if I'm dilated. My cervix is still up super high and I can't reach it very well. I assume shortening means effacing? I didn't check myself last pregnancy, so it's new to keep track of things this time.   I feel like I made a huge accomplishment today! I prepared 6 meals to go in the freezer...
How exciting!!! Sending you happy thoughts!
I'm using the Birth Pool In a Box, which might be bigger, but I don't think it's by much. It does help to imagine people standing in that spot, so thank you! Good luck with waiting and I hope your LO arrives at the perfect time! :-) Thank you! I'll definitely tell DH this! It does help. Thank you!!!
Alaskan: Yes! I have a hard time getting up! I feel like I have to walk hunched over for a minute before I can stand up straight.   Our babies will be here soon! I've apparently lost my mind in preparation. Both DH and BFF have pointed out to me that I am rambling and switching from topic to topic. Also, EVERY single thing seems like a HUGE deal and requires a ton of conversation lol. Anyone else feel like they're losing their mind?   I made a huge mistake and...
I picked up the birth pool at my appt the other day. We live on the second floor in an apartment building and DH is concerned that the pool will be too heavy. I desperately want to be able to use the pool, but definitely don't want to end up in the downstairs apartment while I'm in labor! Does anyone have any input? Have you ever heard of problems from the weight of the pool? TIA for your advice!
When I was pregnant with DD, I spent a day walking, going up and down stairs, doing jumping jacks, and driving over bumps/railroad tracks and ate a spicy dinner. By the end of the day, I was completely exhausted and I am SO glad I didn't go into labor yet! I would've been too worn out to labor well. What ended up doing the trick was a few days later (5 days past DD) when my friends threw a surprise "be born" party. We had all kinds of yummy food and an ice cream cake...
I just happened upon this. Perhaps you could show it to your OB? http://acogpresident.org/
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