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I haven't heard of this technique. My baby was breech and I was adjusted with the Webster technique and did acupuncture and moxibustion, and he turned. I already know that acupuncture is extremely effective for me, so I definitely think that helped. The Webster technique helped a lot, too, but it probably can't hurt to do other things either. Good luck!!!
I don't think Wheaton is terribly far from Hinsdale is it? You could check out OMG women's health care. That's all I know of. Good luck! I heard cup has a very high csection rate so you might want to look into that. All the best!
That is my favorite blog! She's hilarious!
Thanks for your kind words, mamas. The funeral was today and it sounds like my mother is doing pretty well. I'm going to keep calling her every day. I have a feeling this will shift our relationship. I'm half tempted to invite her to the birth, but we've never been close and I suppose we might do better taking smaller steps.   I had an appt with an OB today to see if baby Zachary was still breech, but he has turned head down!!! I'm SO glad and relieved! The Webster...
I've been MIA, sorry. I think I've read and caught up on everything, but damn if I can remember the responses i thought of when reading! I've been drinking RRL since 2nd trimester. I wonder if that's why I'm having so many BH? I've also noticed that I've had some violent dreams and a little road rage. I wonder if it's from the testosterone from my in-utero son.   I'm feeling pretty stressed these days. My father passed away last Thursday. The funeral is this...
I'm amazed how many of us have/had babies hanging out in breech! My midwife referred me for a quick US 2.5 weeks ago because she thought baby was breech, and she was right. I've been to the chiropractor for the Webster technique at least 10 times since then and have gotten acupuncture once and been doing moxibustion daily for the past week. I have another acupuncture appt tomorrow, which I am SO looking forward to, and an appt Wednesday to check baby's position and meet...
My EDD is 4/5, and DD was born 5 days past her EDD, so I'm thinking between 4/8 and 4/13. My BFF guesses 4/12 and she's quite intuitive, so we'll see! I don't feel "done" yet, though. I am rather desperately hoping he'll give me time to finish cleaning the house. We have a lot of birthdays the last 10 days of April. Dh's is the 22nd and mine is the 28th, along with other family members sprinkled in there.
I'm drinking 1 mug a day and having tons of BH. I had a dream last night that I was in labor and my daughter and husband were with me. I was just breathing thru ctx and it was super peaceful.
I'm not ready yet either!!! SO much to do, still.
That is SO cute!!!! My BFF was going to take some photos over the weekend, but the kids kept us too busy. We joked about going near Lake Michigan and having me wear a underwear sports bra and strike a sexy pose on an ice-covered rock or making a baby snow man and holding it in front of my belly. The laughs at the ideas of all the awful pics we COULD take were almost as great as actual pictures would have been :-)
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